Walala Carzy golf








London Design Week launched an open call for designers to create the ultimate mini-golf experience. Together with artist Camille Walala and set designer Julia Jomaa we created an immersive installation that was selected to be built as part of the festival.


We chose to transform Camille Walala’s 2D signature style into a vibrant 3D landscape. Numerous routes to the hole present themselves – across bridges, up slopes, around sharp angular corners. The same game can never be played twice.


The modular structure consists of 8 individual MDF boxes (2000x2500) fixed together. They form the base on which the smaller elements are dropped in like a puzzle.


By erecting plunging triangular canopies, a disorientating shadow play of stripes is created on the course below, despite its playful visual appeal. This is not a course for the unwary.