urban waterfront







The idea was to revitalise and reinvigorate an urban waterfront - currently a residual space and parking lot. The city of Galati was once prosperous, and brimming with economic activity during it’s industrial boom in a bygone-era. What was once a vibrant fishing port, is now an underused car-park.


My idea was to breathe new life into this site, while simultaneously connecting with it’s history. I’ve proposed a series of public spaces, all interconnected, and all providing function within the community.


Specifically, the project entails: two urban beaches (each with a pool), a modern fish market, a playground, outdoor sports area, shop and bar area, and an amphitheatre with it’s stage on water.


For each of these spaces, I wanted to create different ‘worlds’ with different feeling-states. The intent with the two beaches was for people to follow the axis of the secondary streets, and have them discover the expanse. This feeling of discovery is enhanced by the green spaces closing behind, which provide a sense of reclusion via a subtle raise off the beach.


A contrasting experience is the fish market. By using glass as the main material for the ground floor, the space becomes a communal area. The market expands outside the building by using the public space around its dining area and the river as its resource. In summer glass doors slide fully open allowing an entirely open space. Above the market, enveloped in CORTEN - a living material - is a restaurant commemorating the area’s history through its cuisine.