If Forward Competition





A journey





We choose the journey not the refuge. We choose flow of energy instead of static safety. We absorb the motion and we create our own path. Every second is a series of events, a constant exploration, a past reality with an infinite ahead. Our physical materialization is just an inhabitant for a boundless spiritual existence.



We are lucid dreamers, creators of spaces, places and moments. We detached from this predefined world and enjoy the beauty of thoughts. A cluster of atoms in search for meaning. We choose to transcend diagonally, up and down and slightly altered. Stairs are the common language for this concept, they almost always indicate continuity.



We lie completely still and travel beyond logic, expanding through imagination. We intersect light, sound, touch, smell, taste; we are again wide awake and set on default.



*competition entry for If Ideas Forward/ Aspace-Inspace brief

team: ioana lupascu, catalin filip, giacomo calisti