Cocoon Tower







I chose to build an ethereal space for couples to exist in a state of peace, and isolation from the outside world.


The experience begins with an introspective walk deep into the woods, where couples are met with a tall, impressive concrete structure. They then enter the structure to find themselves in complete darkness. It is here that they part ways, and one is guided to the left while the other is guided to the right. They then independently make their way – using only their hands gliding along the concrete to guide them along the pitch-dark corridors.



Eventually, they are reunited by faint light etching in from the large centre room. And it is here that they are thrust into a conceptual space. Walking into this room they find the outdoor sky piercing through the pointed roof above, and projected across the floor below (courtesy of a simple ‘pinhole photography technique’). The room is a place where up becomes down and down becomes up - a change of roles to ease the continuous process of thought of everyday life.



The couple explore the space, and bask in the serenity that the room offers. Before long, they find themselves embracing each other and a sense of ‘oneness’. Or in more simple terms, a sense of ‘love’ .



It is a place that brings them more attuned to their senses, and emotions. A place where they can contemplate, and share each other’s most intimate thoughts. A place where they can transcend into a state that is adrift of their everyday, and find themselves bonded tighter together.